Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mi-Ki puppies at Eight weeks

The puppies have been busy the last two weeks, getting baths, trying new toys, meeting new people and exploring different places. And of course, the first official visit to the vet and immunizations.  They were all so very good for the exam and shot, and of course, charmed everyone they met.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mi-Ki Babies at 6 weeks

The puppies are continuing to grow, getting more fur and learning to eat solid food and how to use a potty pad. This is the best litter I have produced; they are all healthy, outgoing, smart--and CUTE! Hero has become my pick; he and Honor both have blue in their eyes, which means they will likely lighten to a dark blue or silver at maturity. Promise is a darling little diva, with the spunk she has needed to deal with her bigger brothers. Star is the big silly puppy of the group--he loves to be played with and held. These puppies are all available with DNA-VIP through the UKC and registered with the CMA.