Monday, August 26, 2013

Mi-Ki puppies, Moving On....

It has been several weeks since I posted updated information on the puppies. Honor and Hero have both gone to wonderful new homes. Promise and Star are just waiting for the right families; we are enjoying the extra time with them. They love playing outside in the yard and running with the 'big dogs'. Star has mastered the back steps, but Promise waits until we carry her up--a real princess!
Honor and friend


Promise and Star



Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mi-Ki puppies at Eight weeks

The puppies have been busy the last two weeks, getting baths, trying new toys, meeting new people and exploring different places. And of course, the first official visit to the vet and immunizations.  They were all so very good for the exam and shot, and of course, charmed everyone they met.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mi-Ki Babies at 6 weeks

The puppies are continuing to grow, getting more fur and learning to eat solid food and how to use a potty pad. This is the best litter I have produced; they are all healthy, outgoing, smart--and CUTE! Hero has become my pick; he and Honor both have blue in their eyes, which means they will likely lighten to a dark blue or silver at maturity. Promise is a darling little diva, with the spunk she has needed to deal with her bigger brothers. Star is the big silly puppy of the group--he loves to be played with and held. These puppies are all available with DNA-VIP through the UKC and registered with the CMA.


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Puppies at 4 weeks

...Well, minus 12 hours or so. These babies have been quick to get up and on their tiny little legs. Hero



has emerged as the best explorer, first to get out of the box and willing to check out new things. Promise is the sweet little princess of the group. Star is the big teddy bear, likes to snuggle and a bit of a mama's boy. Honor is always in charge of whatever he can be.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Two weeks

The pups are continuing to grow and Cricket is being an excellent mom, keeping them clean and fed. With their eyes now open, they are beginning to crawl around their box to explore and play with their siblings. Promise is sweet and cuddly, Hero is mellow. Honor is still the alpha--we are working with him so he can learn to submit. Star has the longest coat at this point and looks as if he may be a bronze color rather than black.




Monday, June 3, 2013

Mi-Ki Puppy, All Grown Up

It's been over a year since the last posting; Quinn has grown into a fine young man and passed all his health exams, receiving excellent scores on his eyes, heart and patellas. He and Cricket, who has also passed her health exams, welcomed their first litter into the world on May 26--3 boys and 1 beautiful little girl. We've been working with the babies, doing Early Neurological Stimulation until they are 14 days old.  It's interesting to see how puppies this tiny respond to the exercises.  The black and white boy is definitely an alpha type, even at this age. The others take the maneuvers in stride pretty well. They are all good doers, eating and sleeping and growing as they ought to.
Mother and babies

Boy #1

Boy #2

Boy #3

Baby girl

Friday, May 18, 2012

Mi-Ki Mother, Mi-Ki puppies

Quinn and Patti, his mom

 I realize we're several days after Mother's Day, but I had the chance to get this great picture and wanted to share.
Mi-Ki mothers like Patti are amazing in the way they seem to understand how to deal with their puppies differing personalities. Quinn, who looks very much like his mother and inherited her spunky personality, can expect quick and efficient discipline from her when his puppy antics get out of hand. With Joy's more gentle, cautious temperament, she actually invites her to play and is careful not to be too harsh with her. She's helping both puppies have a balanced, positive role in our little 'pack'--at least until Joy finds her forever home!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Frost in motion
 With their social sense maturing and the second set of shots now completed, these pups are ready and raring to go.....
To the left is Frost, leaping for joy at his first trip to the great outdoors. He was having a fine time racing around the yard until we had to corral him to take some pictures.

Below, Joy and Beau are playing 'who's got  the leaf'.
Certainly there are other leaves well within Joy's reach, but it's just so much more fun to take Beau's away!  These puppies have been so much fun.
Joy and Beau

Beau's family will be coming down from Idaho to pick him up soon; as the 'clown prince' of the group, he's sure to keep them laughing at his antics for many years to come.

Frost, the smart and steady alpha boy, will be a loving friend willing to adapt to any kind of family, and sweet, sensitive Joy will try hard to please wherever she goes.
These pups have been raised according to the guidelines of the Continental Mi-Ki Association (CMA) which holds breeders to the highest standards in health checks, breeding and care of our Mi-Kis. We have registered the puppies with them. New owners receive a free one year membership and ongoing support from the club. Each pup also comes with DNA documentation of parentage from the United Kennel Club, a copy of all health checks, puppy care instructions, a kennel, small supply of food and a toy to remind them of their littermates. We also offer our help as you get your puppy settled and are always happy for updates and pictures as they grow. Contact us at or 801-382-8919.
So, from our home to yours--they are ready.......

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Something Rare and Wonderful

February 29 is a day you don't see every year, so it's worth taking notice when it comes along.....
I am dedicating my post today to something else in my life that's out of the ordinary--Mi-Kis!  I have always been an animal lover; 25 years ago I decided to begin raising and showing purebred dogs. I've admired many different breeds over the years, owned a few, been intrigued by the histories and personalities of each.....but none of them can compare with the Mi-Ki. They are smart, charming, playful, engaging--and have an almost elfin sense of humor.
I remember the first time I saw one, a little black and white dog; I was instantly captivated. I was breeding longcoat AKC Chihuahuas at the time and had a good hobby breeding program established--but I could not get the little Mi-Ki out of my mind. Eventually, I decided to make Mi-Kis my one and only breed of choice, and I've never regretted it! They are the ideal small dog, sweet, easy to train, with a wonderful non-shedding coat and an ability to adapt to almost any family and home situation. The families who have adopted my puppies tell me the same thing--that these are the best little dogs they've ever owned. So here's to the rare and wonderful Mi-Ki souls that have danced their way into my life; may they stay there forever!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

And Eight Weeks

Just taking a break--clockwise from front, Quinn, Tess, Beau and Joy

Frost--cute boy!

Quinn, Beau and Frost

Beau and Frost
I bet you thought all there was to being a puppy was to spend time hanging out with your sibs, playing and all--not so! The last two weeks have been very busy; they are all well on their way to being potty trained, have been wormed and to the vet for checkups and their first vaccinations (everyone did well at that!) They've had visitors to play with, too, and they're all wanting to be the first to be picked up and cuddled. Their DNA will be sent in this week to UKC to be profiled and recorded , so they'll all be DNA-VIP. That's a lot for a puppy to do; there's barely time for pictures!