Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Something Rare and Wonderful

February 29 is a day you don't see every year, so it's worth taking notice when it comes along.....
I am dedicating my post today to something else in my life that's out of the ordinary--Mi-Kis!  I have always been an animal lover; 25 years ago I decided to begin raising and showing purebred dogs. I've admired many different breeds over the years, owned a few, been intrigued by the histories and personalities of each.....but none of them can compare with the Mi-Ki. They are smart, charming, playful, engaging--and have an almost elfin sense of humor.
I remember the first time I saw one, a little black and white dog; I was instantly captivated. I was breeding longcoat AKC Chihuahuas at the time and had a good hobby breeding program established--but I could not get the little Mi-Ki out of my mind. Eventually, I decided to make Mi-Kis my one and only breed of choice, and I've never regretted it! They are the ideal small dog, sweet, easy to train, with a wonderful non-shedding coat and an ability to adapt to almost any family and home situation. The families who have adopted my puppies tell me the same thing--that these are the best little dogs they've ever owned. So here's to the rare and wonderful Mi-Ki souls that have danced their way into my life; may they stay there forever!

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