Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Frost in motion
 With their social sense maturing and the second set of shots now completed, these pups are ready and raring to go.....
To the left is Frost, leaping for joy at his first trip to the great outdoors. He was having a fine time racing around the yard until we had to corral him to take some pictures.

Below, Joy and Beau are playing 'who's got  the leaf'.
Certainly there are other leaves well within Joy's reach, but it's just so much more fun to take Beau's away!  These puppies have been so much fun.
Joy and Beau

Beau's family will be coming down from Idaho to pick him up soon; as the 'clown prince' of the group, he's sure to keep them laughing at his antics for many years to come.

Frost, the smart and steady alpha boy, will be a loving friend willing to adapt to any kind of family, and sweet, sensitive Joy will try hard to please wherever she goes.
These pups have been raised according to the guidelines of the Continental Mi-Ki Association (CMA) which holds breeders to the highest standards in health checks, breeding and care of our Mi-Kis. We have registered the puppies with them. New owners receive a free one year membership and ongoing support from the club. Each pup also comes with DNA documentation of parentage from the United Kennel Club, a copy of all health checks, puppy care instructions, a kennel, small supply of food and a toy to remind them of their littermates. We also offer our help as you get your puppy settled and are always happy for updates and pictures as they grow. Contact us at silverwillowmiki@gmail.com or 801-382-8919.
So, from our home to yours--they are ready.......

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