Monday, June 3, 2013

Mi-Ki Puppy, All Grown Up

It's been over a year since the last posting; Quinn has grown into a fine young man and passed all his health exams, receiving excellent scores on his eyes, heart and patellas. He and Cricket, who has also passed her health exams, welcomed their first litter into the world on May 26--3 boys and 1 beautiful little girl. We've been working with the babies, doing Early Neurological Stimulation until they are 14 days old.  It's interesting to see how puppies this tiny respond to the exercises.  The black and white boy is definitely an alpha type, even at this age. The others take the maneuvers in stride pretty well. They are all good doers, eating and sleeping and growing as they ought to.
Mother and babies

Boy #1

Boy #2

Boy #3

Baby girl

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