Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Six Weeks!


Frost (Male)--available; contact silverwillowmiki@gmail.com

Joy (Female)--available;contact silverwillowmiki@gmail.com

Quinn--reserved for breeding

Tess--reserved for breeding
A lot has happened for the puppies in the past two weeks; they are now away from their mother and eating solid food, playing more and sleeping less. This is the time when we begin to see what they will be best suited for--most are best suited to be exclusively loved family pets, while a few have the qualities needed to also carry on the breed's bloodlines to create the next generation of Mi-Kis. (Of course, those puppies must mature for at least a year and pass the required health exams before we can be certain!) But we do have two available for select families. Contact us at silverwillowmiki@gmail.com to learn more about them!

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